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My Silent Movie Career Launches

Okay, in case y’all haven’t been on my Facebook wall today, and because I do like to share with ALL my tribe, (That’s what they tell me y’all are, btw. If you read my words, you are part of my tribe. … Continue reading

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The Caption Game Returns

One of my longtime readers sent in this picture a couple of days ago. Jim from Nebraska told me that the picture was taken at snack time. He had told the girls (that’s Lucy to your right and Asher to the … Continue reading

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A Recipe and a Love Story for Valentine’s Day

Hey y’all, with Valentine’s Day approaching in the middle of the work week, I woke up this morning with a game plan. After getting a ton of Saturday to-dos out of the way, I got busy searching for something super chocolatey to make for … Continue reading

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The All Things Southern Super Show — it’s almost here!

Hey, y’all! Sometimes I wonder how it is that I get involved in the Lucy Ricardo escapades that seem to be a regular part of my life. This would be one of those times… Several weeks ago an opportunity was presented … Continue reading

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