Southern Belleview

Hey y’all! Big news. I’m delighted to announce that I’m blogging over at Southern Belleview, another delightful southern porch that is down “write” fun. Southern Belleview is the delightful brain child of four fantastic authors. Left to right, Rachel Hauck, Beth Webb Hart, Yours Truly,  MaryBeth Whalen and Lisa Wingate.

Each day, one of these wise and entertaining authors blogs from her corner of the writing world. And get this, apparently they decided they were a tad short in the zany category because they have recently invited yours truly to join ’em in their collective endeavors to share their faith, food, and fiction (and nonfiction now that I’ve arrived!)

Just call me Girl Friday! I’ll be wrapping up the week there with my own thoughts. You can read my first post here.

So, come on over, and get to know everyone. I’ll be watching for you– and don’t forget to follow us so you’ll get Southern Belleview in your mailbox!


What would you like to see us blog about?


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