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Me and My Otter

I did it! It’s windy here but I still took my new Otter out on a solo expedition and made it back to the dock safely! Note Dixie Belle observing. There’s a seat for her but she said if it … Continue reading

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Drop by drop

“Are there not some of you who have set up a desired experience between yourselves and Jesus and are looking at it rather than at Him? You want a great shower, when perhaps it is His purpose to fill you … Continue reading

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My Apologies to Shakespheare

Yikes! I opened the radio show yesterday in a most colorful and yet totally unintended way.  I had plans to say something cute about it being Talk Like Shakespeare Day. Towards that end, I opened my mouth to say, “Why fore shalt thou not … Continue reading

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Learning to Live Before You Die

I’m guilty of doing this thing I don’t want to do. Like all bad habits, it’s hard to break. I catch myself in it, red-handed and guilty before I even realize I’m doing it. Again. And each time I’m surprised, always surprised because I … Continue reading

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Self-diagnosing at ATS

Self-diagnosing over on the website today, but here’s that Youtube link for you… Tell the truth and stay in church. Are you a sufferer, too? Hugs, Shellie  I love to hear from you. And to prove it– for the rest … Continue reading

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Praying and Snoring, Not Meant to Go Hand in Hand

Yes, I am strange. It’s a life-long condition. With that preface aside, Dixie Belle and I hold hands occasionally during our early morning prayer times. This morning she tired of praying earlier than usual. Maybe it was the drizzling rain … Continue reading

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Carey Bailey Visits ATS LIVE tomorrow

Oh, I remember these! Do you? Years ago, many of our moms and their friends fell in love with  these Daily Bread loaves in their little plastic boxes. Tomorrow on ATS LIVE we’ll do a version of: “That was then, this is now” … Continue reading

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