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ATS Facebook Funny of the Week Nomination

Earlier in the week, I got an email that said one of my friends had posted a picture of me on Facebook. Clicking through, I found this:                     Now, in her … Continue reading

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Anthrax in LP?

Hey y’all! Today is National Holistic Pet Day! I looked it up, it means we should be considerate of our pets’ physical, psychological, and social lives. Hmmm…I try to feed Dixie the best dog food and I try to take her on … Continue reading

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Play Stump Shellie on ATS LIVE!

Hey y’all, it’s Monday and that means I’ll be on air this evening from 5:00 to 6:00 PM CST hosting this big happy southern community on ATS LIVE! If you’re a regular listener, I’d like to thank you from the … Continue reading

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This Belle hates to miss a good shindig…

If you are Mr. or Mrs. Goodread, you’ll need to give me some time to get up to basics, but after hearing everyone and their mama ask me why I wasn’t “active” on Goodreads, I’ve decided there MUST be something … Continue reading

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I’m Having Withdrawals

It’s done. I’ve packed my and Phil’s lunches and I’m headed to the field (laptop in tow) to visit with my hard-working husband. Today’s experiment will be to see if I can write on the combine. No, I won’t be driving. … Continue reading

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Nat’l Kiss and Makeup Day (or settling for a forced peace)

In observance of Nat’l Kiss and Makeup Day, I dedicate this post to my fine Southern Mama who believed a forced peace was better than none at all. If my sisters and I fought, and oh did we fight, Mama would make … Continue reading

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Lost in a Peanuts Cartoon Strip

Do y’all remember this post: where I asked if I looked like Charlie Brown? Well, the madness continues. I’m beginning to think I’m lost in a Peanuts cartoon strip. If you’re a regular around the ATS porch, you know that one … Continue reading

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Today on ATS LIVE: Robin Jones Gunn, plus your chance to win ATS t-shirt!

Hey y’all! I just finished laying radio tracks for next week’s canned daily segments of All Things Southern (did you know you can find a list of my affiliates here)  and now I’m prepping for this afternoon’s live show. I hope you’re planning … Continue reading

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What do you see in this picture?

I have a piece of artwork sitting on a bookshelf here in the family room that has become quite the conversation piece. I purchased it simply because I liked what I “saw”. It was only after I got it home and my husband … Continue reading

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Son Bathing on the Dock

Hey y’all, I wish every last one of you could have been with me on my dock this morning! Worship was sooooooo sweet that I gave in to the strongest need to go face down– as in, face to dock … Continue reading

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