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Writers and Readers Reach Out 2012

Backstory Here

Who we are:  A group of writers and readers endeavoring to live our gratitude out loud during these 30 Days of Thanksgiving by partnering with Make Way Partners, an organization rescuing widows and orphans from human traffickers and offering them hope through the love of Jesus. Make Way Partners offers ongoing medical care and education to those they’re able to set free and that’s where we come in.

What we’re doing: Helping to build a high school for 600 orphans in a dangerous war-torn area on the border of Sudan and Darfur. Make Way Partners has built the lower grades from the ground up, adding one grade at a time as funds allowed. It’s now time to build a high school, giving these kids an education beyond that of the majority of leaders in their Parliament, and in doing so equip this next generation with tools that can change the direction of their country.

Our Request: That our readers would catch this vision with us and use the Donate button to live their gratitude out loud, too.  It’s linked directly to Make Way’s donation form. Your donation can be “attached” to a favorite author by filling in the field asking where you heard about Make Way. Example: WritersandReaders/AuthorJaneDoe

Quick Facts:

Make Way Partners was founded by Kimberly L. Smith and her husband.

Kimberly’s blog

Download a free chapter of Kimberly’s book Passport Through Darkness.

If you prefer using a check or money order, you may address it to Make Way Partners, P.O. Box 26367 Birmingham , AL 35260

In addition to donating, everyone can be of incredible assistance by using the power of social media to spread the news of this drive. When twittering or pinning this drive please use hashtags #WritersandReaders2012 or #WR2012. (My twitter handle is @shelliet)

Authors and Bloggers: It’s not too late to join us! If you’d like to participate comment below and contact with your  blog, Facebook, and/or website information you’ll be interacting with your readers. Feel free to copy and paste from my blog or Kimberly’s.

Enlarging the Vision:  As we were set to launch, one-fourth of our population was impacted by Super storm Sandy and many areas remain in distress. We’ve adjusted our sails to respond to the heartache in our own country as well. As you make your donation to Make Way Partners, please consider making a matching donation to relief efforts underway for our neighbors on the East Coast. We believe strongly our being mobilized to respond to the needs of our neighbors at this very moment is no coincidence. We’ve been given much, let us give much.

Thirty days of thankfulness. It’s not a long time, but it’s a perfect time to join hands and do something grand, together. ~Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

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