Do I look like Charlie Brown?!

That Lucy! She needs a whooping.  Time after time she promises Charlie Brown that she’ll hold his football. 

And time after time, Charlie Brown falls for it. Only to have Lucy jerk it away at the last moment. Wipeout!











I feel his pain. Meet my Lucy..












Oh, sure– she looks all innocent, sitting there, beckoning me after a long day to treat myself with a spin around the lake.

“I’ll be good,” she says. Some of you may remember last year when she stranded me on the lake AFTER having her in the shop and them giving her a clean bill of health.  (

She’s at it again. And once again, I’ve found myself playing the gullible victim. We had her in the shop earlier this summer. Afterwards, the whole family played on the lake. She ran like a jewel– until the kids went home and I decided to take a solo spin. You guessed it. Some poor stranger had pity on me and towed me back to our dock.

The hubby tinkered with her, spun her around a few times, and pronounced her fit for service. Last week she started calling my name late one afternoon after a hard work day. I resisted. I may have been born and night but it wasn’t last night. I waited until Sunday afternoon when Phil was here to try her again. With him watching from the dock, I put her through a few paces right in front of him. Smoothhhhhhhhh sailinnnnnnngg. “Take her down to the boat ramp and back while I sit here,” Phil suggested. I complied. So did Ms. Seadoo. Convinced that she was good to go, Phil waved me off and away I went.


She sure did.

Once we turned the corner and got out of sight.


Once again, I was towed home by a kind fisherman. At this rate, everyone on Lake Providence is going to look the other way when they see me speeding down the lake, that’s IF I fall for her tricks ever again. And I do not plan to, do you hear me. I’m not falling for it.

I’m not.



About Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Known as The Belle of All Things Southern, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is a national best-selling author, speaker, radio host, and columnist from Louisiana.
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