Weekend Warriors

OH, the fun we had this past weekend when the Houston baby czars joined the Louisiana czars! Four little ones under four creates the most wonderful chaos.

I relished the first opportunity for them to play in Keggie and Pop’s Grand Play House.  The pictures don’t do the spot justice, so here’s some FYI: It’s a walk-in closet that I cleaned out for them. I painted the bottom of the walls with chalkboard paint, put colorful vinyl stickers at the top, and loaded it up with their toys. To call it a hit would be an understatement!

Actually, you’ll notice that the majority of these pics are fuzzy. Blame it on my mistreated and limping iPhone. I hope to find time to replace it this week. Okay, I’m not going to caption all the pics. You’ll see that the czars went out to eat with us. We may have over stayed our welcome there. I fear they successfully terrorized the coffee-house that belongs to our beloved pastor and his wife.

Over the course of the weekend the older czars made fall turkeys with Grant’s mommy and Emerson’s aunt Jessica while Connor and Carlisle napped. The four of them posed hahahhahahahahhaha, excuse me, for pictures on the lake bank, enjoyed a Ranger ride with Pops, and took mini-kayak adventures with the two of us. A good time was had by all.



About Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Known as The Belle of All Things Southern, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is a national best-selling author, speaker, radio host, and columnist from Louisiana.
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2 Responses to Weekend Warriors

  1. Baynon Harris says:

    Keggie and Pop’s playhouse is superkool !!!

  2. Barbara says:

    Love the playhouse and the pics! What a wonderful family weekend and thank you for sharing your joy with us!!

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