Kellie Coates Gilbert on ATS LIVE in just a few! 5:06 PM CST

Dashing off a quick post from this coffee shop before heading to the studio. Battling a killer sinus infection and my doc is out of the office. Yes, I know I could use someone else. Meet Mrs. Creature of Habit.

Meanwhile, back at the home place, my men (along with thousands of their closest friends from a handful of states) are in full Hurricane Mode. Some on the coast batting down the hatches to survive, while others like our guys, are bent on getting as much as they can out of the fields ahead of the storm’s threats.)  These are just a couple of reasons why I decided it was a 20 ounce Caramel Macchiato day.  BUT GOD. 🙂

I love to say that, BUT GOD is right here with me and He is right there with you. Reach for Him. I just twittered these words for all of us, “This is a public service announcement: We interrupt Isaacs’s threats and our crop worries to declare that our God reigns!” Twitter cut me off with that silly 140 character count, so I’ll finish my thought here. “And we’ll be praising Him, come what may.”

That said, I hope you’ll join me in just a few as I do my dead level best to mix some laughter and love into your Monday on ATS LIVE. My special guest today is Kellie Coats Gilbert, author of “Mother of Pearl.” I read, scratch that, I devoured this tale in one sitting. I can’t wait to introduce Kellie to y’all and let her take us behind the scenes with it.

Details, schemtails for any new lovlies wandering by:

ATS LIVE airs on TALK540 KMLB if you’re local and it streams live. I’m typing on my Ipad and running out of time to hyperlink everything and say what I want to say, so scoot over to my website for that listening link. And remember, to enter the drawing for Kellie’s book, put a pretty  please note on my All Things Southern Facebook page.

Hope you’ll join us,

Hugs, Shellie


About Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Known as The Belle of All Things Southern, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is a national best-selling author, speaker, radio host, and columnist from Louisiana.
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