The Book Club that doesn’t read books

Hey y’all! I greet you from our vehicle, speeding towards Houston. It’s going to be a quick trip; we’ll be getting some Grant Thomas sugar from the Baby Beau Czar and laying eyes on our beautiful daughter who is getting oh-so-near to giving birth to Connor Maher, our fourth grandchild! Wait– did I say speeding? That was just a figure of speech. Beloved Hubby was driving, he who doesn’t suffer from the heavy foot syndrome, (unlike others we could mention but we won’t in case any of those precious troopers ever read this.)

I’m tapping this out on the wee keys of my smart phone mainly cause I just love to stay in touch with y’all but also cause I was thinking of the lovely book club I visited Monday night and I wanted to share their pic with you!

These girls were from West Monroe, La and they were a hoot! We had a blast– AFTER I arrived with a literal bang! Oh yeah, there’s a story there. I drove the trusty SUV directly into a hole while attempting to park. Had to start my dog and pony show while a couple kind men with flashlights attempted to haul her out!!! Sigh.

But, as i like to say all’s well that ends close to it and the bookmobile was no worse for wear. (I have a pic of her with her right left wheel sky high like a bucking bronco but it’s too dark to make out much about it– which, in my defense and while I’m just now thinking about making one — it WAS dark and grass WAS grown around the covert obscuring it.)

One of my fav things about this book club was their total freedom about actually reading the assigned books :))) One could see their club was built around friendship and community building charitable goals — reading was what it should be, a PLUS!

Thanks, girls! I had a blast.


No, I’m not in the pic — I’m taking it! 🙂


About Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Known as The Belle of All Things Southern, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is a national best-selling author, speaker, radio host, and columnist from Louisiana.
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