ATS LIVE t/row! A Call-In Extravaganza with the Belles of Southern Belleview

Hey y’all! It’s Sunday evening and I should be prepping for tomorrow’s ATS LIVE radio show but, really now, that would imply that I might actually go by my notes, right? HAHAHAHA! Like that’ll happen! Those of you loyal listeners know full well that ATS LIVE should come with a warning, but here it is for everyone else:

Yeah, I would be the ham. 🙂

Besides, I have even more challenges than usual about focusing because we’re going to do something new and wonderful tomorrow. The Belles of Southern Belleview are set to call in ALL AT ONCE to welcome yours truly to their place as their official Girl Friday! (You should read that as “all sorts of techy problems are likely to emerge that would thwart any efforts at organization I might make anyway, so why bother?”)

Oh, yeah, it promises to me big fun! See y’all on the air! Remember, to listen, just go to my website  tomorrow evening. The show begins at 5:06 PM CST. Click the listen live link on the right hand banner or come right back here and hit this one! I’ll also have my Facebook wall open so y’all can enter into all the fun.


Do you have any questions for The Belles?


About Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Known as The Belle of All Things Southern, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is a national best-selling author, speaker, radio host, and columnist from Louisiana.
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9 Responses to ATS LIVE t/row! A Call-In Extravaganza with the Belles of Southern Belleview

  1. bethwebbhart says:

    Super excited to chat with the ham radio operator this evening! Thanks for having us, Shellie. We are so happy that you’ve joined us on the cyber porch. Much Love, Beth Webb Hart

  2. Lisa Wingate says:

    Hi Shellie! We are so thrilled to have you joining us on SouthernBelleView as Belle Friday! There’s never any telling each week what will come up, and I know your take on the topics will be a hoot… or make me all sniffly. You are a wise, wonderful, truly fun lady, girlfriend!

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