Misc. Monday, Madness, and the return of the Caption Game

Hey everyone! Just got back from a birthday lunch with family. (Happy Birthday GrandBuzzy!) Thinking of how I owe y’all a post from this weekend’s SIBA event in South Carolina and I will get to it, yes I will. I have tons of stories and pics piled up for y’all, but right now I’m prepping for this evening’s radio show. I’ll be live from 5:00 to 6:00 on TALK540 out of Northeast LA. As always, ATS LIVE will also be streaming in real time from my site. I hope you’ll make time to join me. I plan to do have a book drawing for whoever calls in with a “Stump Shellie” idea for a story. (Again, Stump Shellie is just a fun segment. Rules are that you call me 1-800-259-1440 or 318-323-1400 with a word or phrase I must tell a story about asap. Recent suggestions were “candy” and “after midnight.”) Don’t call until I go live so I don’t have time to come up with something in advance! And, of course, I’ll be visiting with y’all during the show on my fb wall.

In the meantime, and since I had SO much fun with the Caption Game last week, here’s a pic from a card my author friend River Jordan sent me a while back. The caption that was included was funny enough, but I couldn’t help wondering what y’all could do with it!

Again, I’ll go first and then y’all weigh in. :0

“I personally think buns of steel are overated…”

Your turn…



About Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Known as The Belle of All Things Southern, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is a national best-selling author, speaker, radio host, and columnist from Louisiana.
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6 Responses to Misc. Monday, Madness, and the return of the Caption Game

  1. BILL tRURAN says:


  2. rhonda says:

    I knew I drank too much water now my tail is really bloated…

  3. jamieahughes says:

    Downward facing what!?

  4. zibilee says:

    I’m not really that good at coming up with captions, but just wanted to say hey!

  5. I just have to thank everyone for the laughs! I loved your captions!

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