Update: What the Mighty Mississippi Did This Spring

Many of you will remember that this past spring my small town was  living under the threat of a main levee break, even as water flooded over an older levee that protected a number of area farms. I wrote about it here.  

Sunday evening we drove out to see the damage firsthand from where the old levee gave way as work is to begin this week on filling in the great crater the rushing water carved out of the landscape. I had seen this from a small plane while the area was flooded but what I saw Sunday took my breath away, again. A good bit of water remains, but you can also begin to see the width and depth of the gash the Mighty Mississippi dug. The damage to the land was extensive and the restoration will be long and extremely costly. Let me say, once again, that I could not be prouder of the men, our friends and neighbors, who farm there. They have been strong and incredibly inspiring in the way they handled this blow and the way they continue to deal with the ongoing aftermath.

Phil and I were with our son Phillip, his wife Carey and the Bellerinca Czars, (my baby girl grands). Carey is a fantastic photographer so I left my Nikon at home, knowing that she would do a much better job of trying to record what we saw than I ever could. I’m sure Carey will be posting those pics to her blog soon. What you’ll find below are just a few shots I took from my Iphone. They don’t begin to tell the story, but I felt compelled to take them anyway.

This is Carey, trying to find the right perspective.

Standing there, looking at the magnitude of it all, was surreal. It didn’t feel like we were just outside town, but in a desert, or a canyon from some other time or place.


I realize my efforts fall short of giving you an idea of what I saw Sunday but I had to post, in the way you have to talk to family and friends about things that matter. 


Thank you for being a part of the ATS community. I treasure my readers and I read ALL of your comments whether here, on Facebook, or Twitter. Take care and be blessed.


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Known as The Belle of All Things Southern, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is a national best-selling author, speaker, radio host, and columnist from Louisiana.
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4 Responses to Update: What the Mighty Mississippi Did This Spring

  1. Sheryl Cooper Bassi says:

    Hi, Shellie,
    We waited out the high water on the east side of Big Muddy in the Ms Delta. Thankfully, the Greenville Levee held through this one. Had a lot of folks worried for a while…

    Deer Camp didn’t fare well at all…Yucatan Island was left in really bad shape…guess we’ll spend this year rebuilding..

    While I live in Leland, MS now, I was born and raised just outside Delhi (Dunn), and still think that farm livin’ is the best there is.

    I’m new to your blog, but am truely enjoying it. Keep it up!

  2. Hi Sheryl! It’s nice to mee you here on my blog. I appreciate the kind words about my writing! If you haven’t found my website, http://www.allthingssouthern.com, I invited you to join me there, too. I send out a weekly newsletter full of stories, jokes, quotes, recipes, and a southern comfort. By the way, I was in Leland not long ago speaking and signing at a coffee shop. Were you there by chance?

  3. jamieahughes says:

    It makes you realize just how mighty God is and how easily His hand can be made evident on this planet. As an Arkansan, I was proud of all the folks in that area who respect the river and know how to survive it when it pitches a fit. Great pics. 🙂

  4. Thanks,Jamie. I love your wording here. You know your way around a sentence, girl!

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