Death by Watermelon, Unique Weapon of Choice?

Hey y’all, I hope everyone had a great Saturday. Mine was very relaxing. I was able to get some words down on the new manuscript. (I know. I haven’t told y’all anything about that one yet. I’m kind of holding it to my chest right now. ) Afterwards I ran to the store and came home to find Phillip, Carey, and the girls swimming off the dock. Emerson Ann and I took a Seadoo ride. Wish I had a pic of her “driving”. She was so funny.

On the other hand, what I DO have is a picture of one of the stranger things you’ll see this summer and I just have to share. You know I always break in when snake news breaks out, right? Well, we were minding our own business when Mr. Snake swam up with his nasty little self. This ended up being his last mistake. Phillip took a hunk of the leftover watermelon we had just enjoyed and chunked it at him. Chunk is such a great word, isn’t it? He didn’t throw it, he CHUNKED it and, I’m so glad Carey had her phone near to provide proof of what I’m going to say next because he KILLED that silly snake with the watermelon. Who would’ve thunk it? (In southern speech, thunk is nothing like chunk. In short, it is used to express the likelihood of thinking a thought you would never have expected to think.)

At first we watched in total surprise as that snake floated up to the top of the water. We were sure he was simply stunned, or maybe even knocked out. But, no– Mr. Snake never did recover. Death by watermelon. As Carey said, “Who knew watermelon was such a versatile fruit?”



About Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Known as The Belle of All Things Southern, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is a national best-selling author, speaker, radio host, and columnist from Louisiana.
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2 Responses to Death by Watermelon, Unique Weapon of Choice?

  1. tammie stutts says:

    William said it was a drive by “fruiting”. Only in lake providence. The rest of the world worries about drive by shootings!

  2. A drive by fruiting! I LOVE IT!

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