Happy “Bufday” America from the Czars of ATS

Hey y’all, we’re still recovering from a big Fourth around here but I wanted to throw up some pics from all the fun. These are from my cell phone because it was more convenient than going for the camera all the time. I’ll be adding the briefest of commentary. 🙂

Around here the Fourth fun began on the Second when the Mahers arrived from Houston and the sprinkler was broken out for the baby czars–

and the big ones.

When the Baby Czars found me making these patriotic berries they announced, “Happy Bufday!” Appropriate, yes?! Forgive me for stating the obvious, but are they brilliant or what?

Boat time in daddy’s lap is just what the doctor ordered for the Bellerina Czar.

Meanwhile, the Baby Beau Czar helped our friend Lamar with navigation.

The dynamic duo!

My daughter and daughter-in-law (left to right) preparing to pull their husbands on the tube. I would’ve gotten a picture of them trying to hurt the poor guys, throw the guys off but they never came back by the dock. It makes one wonder if it was about avoiding witnesses…

My man shielding the sun from the Sweetness Czar!

The Sweetness Czar again, this time with my mother, her great grandmother. And by great I would be speaking descriptively and genealogically.

My son and his girls enjoying downtime together.

Pop’s deer decoy provided a nice ride…

and Molly the Great Dane made a nice horse in the Baby Beau Czar’s book.

The Great Slip and Slide! We’ve set up a similar slide on this very hill in the backyard since my children were babies. Now, they’re sliding with their kids.  I love this kind of tradition. Some were content to serve as an audience.

Never one for the stands, that’s me at the top getting ready to ride!

I love the joy on these faces!

Go Emerson Ann!

This makes me laugh because it looks like we’re army crawling. We’re actually in motion. Grant Thomas has already spun around and is headed down sideways…

I polled the group earlier to see if they were cool with me posting this pic seeing as some of us are a bit wet and bedraggled. (I’m sorta grateful it’s shaded.)

One of the highlights of the weekend was enjoying Fireworks over Lake Providence from our family friends’ floatboat. Again, these were made with my Iphone because I didn’t want to worry about my good Nikon, but you’ll get the idea! It’s always a special evening as people take to their docks and boats, gathering in pockets to watch the show. Every year it reminds me of a movie scene, like something out of Steel Magnolias.  I agree with Carey who said, “To me, the Fourth of July is the best of what it means to live in Lake Providence.”



One closing picture from the last group bath of the weekend. I ask you, is this not a tub full of blessings right here?

You’re right. That was another one of those rhetorical questions. More than once this weekend, I said to my man, “I am so thankful for this moment, right here, right now.” 

Hope y’all had a lovely Fourth and stacked up memories of your own to enjoy for years to come.



About Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Known as The Belle of All Things Southern, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is a national best-selling author, speaker, radio host, and columnist from Louisiana.
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3 Responses to Happy “Bufday” America from the Czars of ATS

  1. Paul Elliott says:

    Shelley, you clearly had too much fun! Might this be referred to as “family worship?” hahaha

  2. Paul Elliott says:

    … er … a … Shellie. (much red-faced toeing of the rug!)

  3. Mom- great pictures. Love the ones of e and g on the slip and slide and g riding molly. We had so much fun- miss ya;ll already

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