We’ll be on the front porch in the swing, just a swangin’

Prepping for ATS LIVE this evening, folks. Hope you’re making plans to join me.  That’s 5:00 to 6:00 PM, CST– this afternoon, Monday the 23rd. Rmemeber, this is the banner you want to click on at the website:

But, I’ll make it even easier. Here’s the listen live link and here are the call in numbers: 1-800-259-1440 or locally at 318-324-1500!

What’s on tap? So glad you asked!  🙂  After my rocking theme opener, we’ll begin by celebrating the stuff of life with this totally fun new song I found last Friday. Two charming girls sang it before I spoke at Fair Park Baptist Church, but the artist is Francesca Battistelli. Look her up on Itunes! I may try and get her on the show soon.

01 This Is the Stuff

I’m WAY excited about my special guests. Mike Roth from Interntional Cooperating Ministries will be with me in the studio. The story of his organization is fascinating. I want you to hear it. Seriously, y’all, this is not the show you want to miss! Mike and I have been corresponding via email and phone calls and he already feels like family. Y’all are gonna love him. But speaking of family– my own sweet daughter will be joining us on the phone from Houston, TX to talk about her connection to ICM.

You may remember that Jessica Ann, host of Kitchen Belleicious, is building a church/orphanage in Rwanda! She’ll be giving us an update on her progress at Shelter a Child. You can find Mike, Jessica, and yours truly in a host of places online but seeing as how I need to dash, I’ve just compiled a few links here:

International Cooperating Ministries on the web

International Cooperating Ministries on Facebook

Shelter a Child on the web

Shelter a Child on Facebook

Kitchen Belleicious on the web

Kitchen Belleicious on Facebook

All Things Southern on Facebook

Me on Facebook– now, this is where the party is during the show. Join the conversation.



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Known as The Belle of All Things Southern, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is a national best-selling author, speaker, radio host, and columnist from Louisiana.
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