Cranking up the Bookmobile!

Hey y’all, it has come to my attention that a) it does not matter if I update the schedule page of the website because no one but my great aunt Susie would read it and I don’t even have a great Aunt Susie b) y’all are running a day late and a dollar short like yours truly and c) I’ve got to get better about posting where I’m gonna be before I’m gonna be there on Facebook and Twitter so y’all won’t tell me after the fact, “Well, shucks, if ONLY I had known you were gonna be there…”

Hence, this update.

Today: I’ll be hosting ATS LIVE from the TALK540 studio, Monroe, LA. You can listen locally or join me streaming live. It is dead serious radio. HAHAHHAHHAA, ‘xcuse me. It’s no such thing. But it IS fun and I usually have wonderful guests for you to to learn from and be entertained by! (Please do not write and school me for ending that sentence with a preposition unless you are one of my former teachers, but if that’s the case, I love y’all dear sweet teachers and I never meant for anyone to retire early. )

Now, should you listen to that link at any time other than 5:00 to 6:00 PM CST, that is not me you hear. I’m pretty sure I do not sound like a middle-aged man talking politics. Honest. If you think I do, please keep that to yourself. Thank you.

Here are the next events coming up at the end of the week:

No excuses, right?! See y’all on the road. 🙂



About Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Known as The Belle of All Things Southern, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is a national best-selling author, speaker, radio host, and columnist from Louisiana.
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One Response to Cranking up the Bookmobile!

  1. Faye says:

    Oddly enough, I don’t see anything that remotely looks like an East Tennessee address on there. Not like you’ve got free lodging in the mountains or anything. =)

    And I love the memory of the Bookmobile! It always parked at the edge the A & P parking lot up the road from us.

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