A Girl Needs Substance

I picked Red up from the airport tonight! Yippy Skippy!

It was too late for supper but we decided it was important for us to keep our strength up.

But, never fear– we did walk back thru the historic district and worked it off–

Tomboy honor.  🙂



About Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Known as The Belle of All Things Southern, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is a national best-selling author, speaker, radio host, and columnist from Louisiana.
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4 Responses to A Girl Needs Substance

  1. Mandy Frasier says:

    That sundae sure looks good. Ya’ll better have walked thru the historic district a few times to work all them calories off!!! Love you two!!!

  2. Paula says:

    Hi Shellie,
    I’ve become a huge huge fan of yours since my southern friend gave me a copy of your first book last month! My husband had your new one overnighted so that I would have it for Mother’s Day. And that’s saying a lot. He never ever *pays* for shipping, so the fact that he would pay more for shipping than the cost of the book itself means he loves me a lot, and that he knows what a huge fan I am! (I think he likes to watch me laugh till I cry.) I’ve told all my friends about you (at least twice) and I’m hoping the powers that be start stocking your books up here in Idaho so that we can get to them faster. Thanks so much for the great laughs! Keep ’em coming! Paula

  3. shellie says:

    Oh, what a doll you are! Thank you for those kind words. We’re even, my friend. I may have given you some laughs but you’ve put a big smile on my face! Bless that sweet hubby of yours. Tell him I’m honored he went for the overnight!

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