Every Old Crow Thinks Hers is the Blackest!

So, if you can’t stand a little horn-tooting from a proud Southern Mama, dear ones, this may not be the post for you! 🙂

First, a little history on a delightful publication called Southern Child magazine that you need to know about! The worthy mission of Southern Child is to inform and educate parents and care givers, to provide attractive affordable advertising to family based businesses and to help the hundreds of thousands of children in foster care find forever, loving families.   Hence, in addition to the wealth of delightful and informative articles and tips that pack every issue, each month Southern Child includes photos and bios from children in waiting from participating adoption agencies. Now, THAT is the entrepreneurial spirit at it’s finest!


Oh– you’re still waiting for the proud Southern Mama part? Well, that would be the debut in the pages of Southern Child’s latest issue of my very own daughter, Jessica Tomlinson Maher of Kitchen Belleicious

I do hope you’ll check it out. You can also friend Kitchen Bellecious and Southern Child on Facebook, but if you do, let ’em know you heard the Belle of All Things Southern crowing about ’em.  You do know the old southern saying right, “Every crow thinks her’s is the blackest!”

Y’all have a great big day and, hey, if you want to crow about your offspring, use the comment button below. Either way, I’m all ears…

Hugs, Shellie


About Shellie Rushing Tomlinson

Known as The Belle of All Things Southern, Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is a national best-selling author, speaker, radio host, and columnist from Louisiana.
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12 Responses to Every Old Crow Thinks Hers is the Blackest!

  1. Lisa Fischer says:

    Well, my goodness! You do have the blackest crow. In Louisiana. Because the blackest crow in Arkansas (well three of em) came from my womb. I love the business venture of your Donald Trump there. It looks great!

  2. Thanks, Lisa Fischer!!! Fancy seeing you pop up! Did my publicist send you fine folks a galley? If not, shoot me an addy by DM and I’ll mail one off.

  3. Donnette Leonard says:

    That’s incredible news Shellie – congrats to your own Southern Child! And speaking of the blackest…you’ve got Louisiana, Lisa has Arkansas, I’m claiming the blackest crow in Virginia! 🙂 (Hey – how many 11-month-olds do you know of who can take their daddy’s pizza from ‘im? lol!)

  4. Carolyn Reeves says:

    I think that is reason enough for you to “toot your horn” girl. I enjoy your daughters recipes and I think you should be very proud! I know her Nanny is!!!

  5. You have reason to “toot your horn” girl. I enjoy your daughters recipes and you should be very proud of her! I know her Nanny is!!

  6. I think you have very good reason to “toot your horn” girl. I enjoy your daughter’s recipes and you should be very proud of her. I know her Granny is!!!

  7. You have every reason to “toot your horn” girl! I enjoy your daughter’s recipes and you should be very proud of her. I know her Granny is!!!

  8. Boy did this mess up!!! Everytime I sent it told me it couldn’t be published, so I sent again without looking to see if it did!! Sorry!

  9. Carolyn, don’t worry your pretty head about it. :))) It was no problem reading those kind words more thna once! :)))

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